Hi, We're Whistle Work.

If you think about it, a lot of your daily work decisions have already been made for you: who your co-workers are, preferred methods of communication, “optional but encouraged” team bonding experiences like happy hours that you might not want to go to, but your boss is going, so you should probably go … just for an hour. But what if you had the power to create a company culture from scratch? What if you could build a team whose foundation is built on trust, respect, equality, and happiness. Sounds like a dream, right?  

You can read countless articles and attend dozens of expensive conferences, but for most of us, those won’t help you to better understand how to create an employee culture that sticks, works like magic, and retains talent with ease. That’s where we come inwe breathe new life into companies and industries to make work happier. We may be new kids on the block, but we’ve learned from the best. We’re a collaboration between two agencies with a collective 25 years of experience—Youth Marketing Connection, experts on Gen-Z and Millennial audiences, and In Good Company, masters of building brands and employer culture.

We may be young, but we’re a family full of resources, and we’re on a mission to help spread happiness to work.

All good brands are built on principals, so we use three values to guide every decision we make at Whistle Work. Our values trickle down to everything from the clients we work with, to the type of team bonding experiences we plan under our own roof… (spoiler alert: they don’t involve trust falls). Here’s what we believe:

Being Real Really Works

We believe that being open and honest is in everyone’s best interest. We’re not afraid to get knee-deep to bring out the best in people and companies.

Only Make Real Change

Companies are made of people, not numbers or jobs. Every choice we make affects every person involved. We want to make changes that have a real impact, we’re never there just for a photo-op.   

Really Listen Before You Act

Assumptions hurt everyone, so we make sure to listen to every side (not to mention our own instincts), to make sure our actions reflect real concerns.

From Fortune 500s to start-ups, our clients are all looking for the same thing; a happy, engaging work experience. Not too hard to ask, right? We’ll work closely with you and your stakeholders to identify your needs. Out of ideas on how to stand out at college career fairs or trying to recruit diverse talent from outside your region? We’re experts at building audience strategies, campus recruiting, and experiential design. Trying to make a not-so-sexy brand appealing to the modern worker? We’ve got your back. We’re all-stars at brand strategy, brand identity + design, and social strategy. Trying to bridge the gap between your younger employees and those more experienced team members? We’re masters of identifying the common ground and aligning around a central goal and vision.

It’s nice to meet you and to be on this journey together. Let’s make some magic.